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Why Choose Us?

At B.L. Braden Denture Clinic we pride ourselves on delivering excellent patient education and assistance.

We focus on meeting each patient’s individual needs, and help in their understanding of dentures, their function and their value in promoting health. We take the time to make certain that every patient is completely satisfied with our expertise.

We are members of the Alberta Denturist Association.

About Us

We want our patients to feel comfortable with their dentures, feel confident that they understand how their new oral prosthesis functions and to know how to care for the device and their own dental health.

Our practice has been serving Calgary and the surrounding areas for over 20 years, and our long-term patients can tell you about our quality services, exceptional products and competitive pricing.

Our Commitment

Our staff is dedicated to every detail of the creation and fitting of our patient's dentures. We also ensure that we’ve provided each patient with a full explanation of our products and on the proper procedures for their use.

Our patients are encouraged to ask questions and we are happy to spend as much time as necessary for them to feel comfortable with their new oral prostheses. Your complete and total satisfaction is guaranteed.


What can we do for you?

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